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RuffTuffDadStuff … but why?

Why? Why not? Why Not me?

I’m not certain. There are a lot of blogs/vlogs and social personalities out there, why add mine to the mix? There are a few reasons.

Stay Sharp.

In a previous iteration of myself I was a Big 4 accountant, CFO of a cutting edge technology company, and founder of my own business. Somehow over the past six years, since I became a “work-at-home-dad”, My skills and/or my mojo has eroded a little bit.  Two years ago a friend and I talked about starting a simple website, it was never completed. Why? Because something that would have taken me a day or two six years ago, had now changed a little bit and my “want/need to” had changed dramatically. I think that by starting this blog/vlog/social experiment I can keep my skills sharp and learn some new tricks. Hopefully I’ll be trying out a lot of new things and sharing them with you.

Stay Accountable.

Being a dad and having kids is supposed to fun and adventurous. Somehow through two kids (with a third on the way) and working at home and my wife traveling and life hitting me a few times, things had become very mundane and boring . . . happy but boring.  I’m hoping that by posting our adventures and experiences I encourage others and that will cause me to keep things going.

Provide a Different Perspective.

A lot of what I see out there isn’t geared towards dads or families. It’s a little bit fake and doesn’t have a lot of substance. I aim to chronicle the real life adventures of this dad and his three boys.  It may be exciting, it may be boring, but it will be us.

Profit Motive.

Our budget is comfortable but by no means extremely elastic. I have seen a lot of these adventure blogs where someone travels around the world and makes an additional $7k a month in income. I think that is really cool and I am genuinely happy for those people.  With three kids it becomes a little more difficult to live off grid in a tent on the beach but I’d like to see whether it would be possible to have chronicle our adventures and earn some extra money to make our adventures “self-funding” would be great. I’d also like to buy a slightly used Chevy Suburban to continue our fun family adventures – but have you seen how expensive these things are these days?  I think for now we’ll stick with the trusty Toyota Venza and wait until Bravo picks up an option on Ruff Tuff Kid Stuff for that.

I think that making $200 a month would cover most of our adventures, but I also know that I like cameras and video equipment, so it would be nice to get an occasional upgrade of those items. I think $500 per month is going to be the initial goal.  I think that will cover a lot of fun and maybe even let us do some extra good in the world. That’s the goal. If I hit it, great. If we don’t hit it,  I’ll still be a happy camper!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and support my “work” by clicking on ads and affiliate links.  It doesn’t cost you anything to click through these links and ads but it definitely makes a difference for us.

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